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2021 SIMPLICISSIMUS. Theatre Corpus in collaboration with Teater Innlandet.

SIMPLICSISSIMUS will be a funny, musical history lesson about the german satirical magazine that was a daring critic of the Nazi regime until 1933. A puppet cabaret with script by Knut Nærum and Tormod Lindgren, music by Maja Ratkje and Poing. World premiere at Teater Innlandet - Norway the 28th of April 2021. Touring abroad 2021/2022


When Albert Langen and Thomas Theodor Heine in 1896 established the magazine, the Western world of newspapers and magazines were booming with satire and caricature artists. Combining brash and politically daring content, with a bright, immediate, and surprisingly modern graphic style, Simplicissimus targeted the stiff Prussian military figures, and the rigid German social and class distinctions as seen from the more relaxed, liberal atmosphere of Munich. During the Weimar era the magazine continued to publish and took a strong stand against extremists on the left and on the right. As the National Socialists gradually came to power, they issued verbal accusations, attacks, threats and personal intimidation against the artists and writers of Simplicissimus. The editor Thomas Theodor Heine, of jewish orgins, was forced to resign in 1933 and went into exile in Norway between 1938 and 1942. Other members of the team, including Karl Arnold, Olaf Gulbransson, Edward Thöny, Erich Schilling and Wilhelm Schulz remained and toed the Nazi party line, for which they were rewarded by the Nazis. It continued publishing, in declining form, until finally ceasing publication in 1944.


Actors: Terje Ranes, Dominika Minkacz-Sira, Kristian Winther, Ragni Halle, Thomas Hildebrand

Idea,  directing, figures , costume and scenography : Tormod Lindgren

Playwright: Knut Nærum and Tormod Lindgren

Composers : Maja Solveig Kjelstrup Ratkje and Poing (Frode Haltli, Håkon Thelin, Rolf-Erik Nystrøm)

Musicians : Poing

Light designer: Olav Nordhagen

Dramaturg, translator: Christina Just, Selma Lindgren, Thomas Raff, Tormod Lindgren

Producer: Tormod Lindgren and Camilla Svingen

Puppetmakers: Tormod Lindgren with Thale Kvam Olsen and Steinar Kaarstein.

Lightdesign : Teater Innlandet

Co producer: Teater Innlandet

The performance is supported by :

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