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2022 EPP.  Theater Corpus with Oslo Sinfonietta / Ultimafestivalen

Lindgren is known for his elaborate characters, and the puppets and actors show perfection at to the fingertips. The set design is inventive and fun, where Epp's carnivorous plant comes slapping to life or where details of Epp's dog pattern wallpaper suddenly come alive."
Karen Frøsland Nystøyl - Nrk

EPP is a puppet show for young/adult audience based on Axel Jensen’s sci-fi novel Epp (1965) It is a dystopian and satirical story about a future society with obvious connection to our present day’s society. The puppets, music and videos are strongly influenced by the retro 60’s space-age nostalgia.

Epp lives together with a carnivorous plant called Ili, and fills his days with boiling his egg for breakfast, writing reports on his own doings and those of other people living in the block, cutting pictures from journals and gluing them in a book.

The only people he has contact with is his neighbour Lem, who tries to involve him in a revolutionary plot. Epp is happy, if he succeeds in cooking a perfect egg and if there are no ink spots in the report.

Epp is an average citizen, which is revealed by his three-letter name. If he held a higher position, the name could be Eppe, Eppen or even Eppenepp Epp; it could be worse though: Ep or just plain E.

EPP is a criticism of the technological development and the control of society. The novel’s humour distinguishes it from other literary dystopias - Huxley’s, Bradbury’s or Orwell’s - and puts Jensen closer to authors like Kurt Vonnegut.

Concept, directing, scenography-, costume-, puppets : Tormod Lindgren
Playwright: Aina Villanger after the Novel EPP by Axel Jensen
Composers: Lars Skoglund

Video designer : Peter Knudsen

Light designer : Kåre Nordseth

Performers: Geir Robsrud, Thomas Hildebrand and Dominika Minkazs-Sira


Age:  Adult, and young audience from 12 years 

Duration: 80 minutes

Language : Norwegian with English subtitles


The performance is funded by Norsk kulturråd, Fond for lyd og bilde, Fond for utøvende, Fritt Ord, Norsk komponistfond, Spenn . 

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